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Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.. Mohd Yuzri Mohd Yusop

Editorial Board

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aminuddin Md Arof

Ms. Norfadhlina Khalid
Ms. Puteri Zirwatul Nadila Megat Zamanhurii
Ms. Siti Nur Azreen Ismail
Mr. Mohd Fadzly Abdul Aziz




Accepted Types of Research

The papers accepted for the bulletins must be based on any of the following types of research:
-Basic research (pure basic research and strategic basic research)
-Applied research
-Experimental development
-Critical review

Pure basic research is experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without looking for long-terms benefits other than advancement of knowledge.

Strategic basic research is experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge directed into specified broad areas in the expectation of useful discoveries. It provides the broad base of knowledge necessary for the solution of recognised practical problems.

Applied research is original work undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge with a specific application in view. It is undertaken either to determine possible use for the findings of basic research or to determine new ways of achieving some specific and predetermined objectives.

Experimental development is systematic work, using existing knowledge gained from research or practical experience that is directed to producing new materials, products or devices, to installing new processes, systems and services, or to improving substantially those already produced or installed.

Critical review is a comprehensive preview and critical analysis of existing literature. It must also propose a unique lens, framework or model that helps understand specific body of knowledge or address specific research issues.

Condition of Acceptance

The editorial board considers all papers on the condition that:
-They are original
-The authors hold the property or copyright of the paper
-They have not been published already
-They are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor in press elsewhere
-They use non-discriminatory language
-The use of proper English (except for manuscripts written in Bahasa Melayu-applicable for selective only)

All papers must be typed on A4 size page using Microsoft Words. The complete paper must be approximately 3,500 words long (excluding references and appendixes). The format is described in detail in the next section.

All papers are reviewed by the editorial board and evaluated according to:
-Significance in contributing new knowledge
-Technical adequacy
-Appropriateness for the bulletin
-Clarity of presentation

All papers will be directed to the appropriate team and/or track. The papers will be reviewed by reviewer(s) using the double blind concept. All review comments and suggestions should be addressed in the final submission. If the paper is accepted for publication, copyright is transferred to the bulletin.

Please submit your paper directly to the Executive Editor- aminuddin@unikl.edu.my for publication in the next issue of the Marine Frontier@UniKL.