The 5s Red Tag

5s Red Tag, Process Improvement Japan

Lean 5s is one of the essential lean manufacturing tools. It is also equally important when implementing a lean office system and office kaizen.

Lean 5s comes from the Japanese 5s system. The steps are:

Set in Order


Although the concept is simple and straight forward, the results & benefits come when the 5s principles are implemented:

  • In an orderly & strategic fashion
  • Team or division or company wide
  • With the value of the 5s process understood by all staff
  • With a long term commitment & management support



5s Implementation

2s is the key

Process Improvement Japan at Gemba production site

5s implementation is easier said than done. Here are some tips from the experts:

"Every day, our priority is 2s" says the manager of a very successful (and spotless) plant of a Toyota supplier near Nagoya City, Japan. "With a good 2s environment, we easily prevent accidents, create a good space for efficiency, avoid clutter, save time when locating items, and maintain a positive atmosphere and employee motivation, and easily distinguish the right from the wrong conditions which is key for the elimination of waste."

A great 5s example of how bad 2s can have dire consequences: